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Statement Regarding Workplace Harassment Allegations, 6/9/2018

About half a year ago one of our employees left Extra Credits. They later claimed that another employee had harassed them out of the company.

Extra Credits takes allegations of workplace harassment very seriously.

To verify the claim, Extra Credits hired an independent HR firm to investigate the matter, and was ready to abide by all findings, including firing anyone found responsible of committing misconduct.

The contracted HR firm assigned a female HR manager to lead the investigation. The HR investigator conducted interviews with Extra Credits staff members and reviewed written correspondence. However, the employee who raised the allegation declined to participate with the HR investigation.

After investigating, the HR firm found no evidence of improprieties with regards to the claims of workplace harassment.

To ensure maximum employee protection, we asked the HR firm to provide a list of recommendations for the future. Extra Credits is currently implementing these recommendations.

Updated 1/23/2020

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Update 11/1/2021
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